History of Manor Farm

I always find it fascinating to read a little of the history of places I visit, so what better way to start our blog, than by offering you just that!

1779 map third attempt!.jpg

The first map for the site of Manor Farm dates back to the Parish plan of 1779.  There was a crossroads adjacent to the site and the present Whaddon Rd was actually a wide road called High Way.  To the side of this road, and within our boundaries, was a probable inn/hotel named the Fox and Goose.  Presumably, strategically placed to receive passing trade from the crossroads.

fox and goose.png

The Enclosure Map for the village was drawn up in 1841, by this point there was no longer any trace of the Fox and Goose.  Instead there was a smaller structure just to the south of the former hostelry.  The crossroads was no longer evident and the High Way was slightly realigned and was renamed Whaddon Chace Road.

At that point, the Enclosure Map shows the site owned by New College Oxford, with James Roberts as the lessee.

By the time the Third Edition OS map was produced in 1926, a courtyard of farm buildings is evident, the site is renamed Manor Farm and those barns form the home that we live in today.

cropped - old map of manor farm - possibly 1926 OS 001.jpg

During the late 1900's Manor Farm was owned by the RSPCA and run as a pit pony sanctuary.  

pit pony image.png

As the population of pit ponies reduced, so did the need to maintain the sanctuary.  In 2003 we were fortunate enough to purchase Manor Farm from the RSPCA.

MF conversion picture with boys.jpg

It took two years to convert Manor Farm into a happy family home.

Today we gain much pleasure from sharing our home with guests..